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Artist:  DanceSport Sounds USA (Andy Fortuna)
Category: Latin
Latin Jam 5: Electrified

Price: $25.00
Catalog#: 856
Availability: In Stock

Release date:  2000
Label: Andy Fortuna Productions
Producer: Andy Fortuna Productions
Pieces in Set: 1
Format: CD

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  Track Listing:
1. Africano (Guerrieri Bros.) Samba 50 mpm 3:20
2. Corazon (Lazaro Harrera) Cha Cha 3l mpm 3:44
3. Beautiful Maria (R. Kraft, A. Glimcher) Rumba 26 mpm 4:00
4. Road Side Jump (Rick Hall, Andy Fortuna) Jive 44 mpm 3:00
5. Sweet Day (R. Zayas) Salsa 48 mpm 3:50
6. Dejare (JC Perez Soto) Samba 50 mpm 3:40
7. Me Myself & I (J. Carabello, T. Escovido, G. Rolie) Cha Cha 31 mpm 3:50
8. Rumba Uno (R. Hall, A. Fortuna) Rumba 26 mpm 2:32
9. UDC Jive (R. Hall, A. Fortuna) Jive 44 mpm 3:20
10. Pontelo, Ponselo (Guerrieri Bros) Samba 50 mpm 3:20
11. Habenero (R. Hall, A. Fortuna) Cha Cha 31 mpm 3:10
12. La Playa (P. Borough, J. Van Welter, P. Carreras) Rumba 26 mpm 3:05
13. Matador Paso (R. Hall, A. Fortuna) Paso Doble 60 mpm 2:03

The fifth in the highly popular "Latin Jam" series.

Musical Production and Programming: Rick Hall, Recorded at Rick Hall's Electric Cattle Productions, Gulph Mills, PA.

Engineering by Chris Gatley. Mixed at Electric Cattle Productions by Chris Gatley. Arrangements by Rick Hall and Andy Fortuna. Repertoire selected by Andy Fortuna. Digital Mastering by Chris Gately. Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ, U.S.A.

Vocals: Rick Zoyas featured on "Sweet Day," Denise King featured on "Me Myself and I," Lazaro Harrera featured on vocals for "Corazon", "Beautiful Maria", "Africano", and "Dejare". Trumpet and Flute: Stan Slotter. Alto, Tenor, Baritone Sax: Jay Davidson. Guitar: Joe Massimiano. Bongos, Timbales, Congas, etc.: Bryan Berthold. Piano: Rick Hall. Trombone: Doug Slick.

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