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Artist: Charles Barlow and His Orchestra
Category: Ballroom | Latin
Dancing to Freedom


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Catalog#: tm-dance-freedom
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Release date:  1976
Label:  Telemark
Producer: Richard Mason
Pieces in Set: 1
Format: CD

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Round Dancing (45s)
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Track Listing:
Song Name
1. Yankee Doodle, Quickstep—49 MPM
2. British Grenadiers, Quickstep—49 MPM
3. Over The Water To Charlie, Waltz—30 MPM
4. The Marquis Of Granby, Waltz—30 MPM
5. Pop Goes The Weasel, Foxtrot—30 MPM
6. Over The Hills And Far Away/Lillibulero, Foxtrot—30 MPM
7. The Telemark Tango, 33 MPM
8. Free America/Old Colonial Times, Cha Cha—33 MPM
9. Tom, Tom, The Piper’s Son, Cha Cha—33 MPM
10. The Lucky Escape, Samba—56 MPM
11. Marion, Rumba—28 MPM
12. Oh! Dear! What Can The Matter Be?, Rumba—28 MPM
13. The Grenadiers March 1776, Paso Doble—60 MPM
14. Hot Stuff!, Jive—45 MPM


To celebrate its 50th anniversary (August 1962), Telemark rereleased the remastered "Dancing to Freedom," a selection of 14 tunes of the period of the American Revolution. The tunes are skillfully arranged by Charles Barlow's musicians in contemporary dance rhythms, along with a six-page historiography of the songs.

By the band that played for many years at the British Championships in Blackpool and for the World Professional Standard Championships in New York City in 1984.

All tracks are instrumentals.

All titles published by Curving Feather Music Publishers, ASCAP; Copyright 1976.

Cover photo: Marcus Johnson & Irene Alicia, pro-am winners at the 2012 Embassy DanceSport Championships.  

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