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Artist:  Various Artists
Category: Swing
Duck's 4: 16 More Shaggin' Dance Favorites


Price: $20.00
Catalog#: 950
Availability: In Stock

Release date:  1996
Label: Shag Archives Records & CDs, Inc.
Pieces in Set: 1
Format: CD

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  Track Listing:
  1. Give Me Something Fried, 4:10 [The Juke Jumpers], EC Swing
  2. Little Darlin', 3:25 [The New Tokens], Triple Swing
  3. Look on the Bright Side, 3:33 [Mighty Clouds of Joy], Hustle/Shag
  4. You're the First, My Last, My Everything, 4:19 [David Antebi], Shag
  5. The Caribbean Disco Show, 4:19 [Lobo], Shag/Hustle
  6. Sayonara, 3:17 [Tony Jackson], Shag
  7. Necks and Feet, 4:12 [The Juke Jumpers], WC Swing
  8. Don't Mess with the Boogie Man, 2:47 [Big Joe Duskin], WC Swing
  9. Are You Ready for Love, 3:42 [Joy Fleming], Hustle/Shag
  10. Goin' Home, 2:54 [The Official Blues Band], WC Swing
  11. Smack Dab in the Middle, 2:26 [The Mills Brothers], WC Swing/Shag
  12. Soul Sister, 2:54 [Ronnie Jones], Hustle/Shag
  13. Can't Read, Can't Write Blues, 4:46 [Big Joe Turner], WC Swing/Shag
  14. Deed I Do, 5:01 [Taj Mahal], WC Swing
  15. My Blue Heaven, 4:06 [David Antebi], Shag
  16. Operator, 2:56 [Deluxury], WC Swing

16 Shag and Swing songs with a few more "Swing" (faster) tunes than other CDs in the "Duck's" series. Has 8 songs in the 130-BPM range and faster. Contains the Shag hit "Caribbean Disco" by Lobo.
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