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Artist: Thomas Bevans
Category: Ballroom, Latin
Musica Caliente 4

Price: $25.00
Catalog#: 652
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Release date:  1997
Label: Musica Caliente Productions
Producer: Thomas Bevans
Pieces in Set: 1
Format: CD

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  Track Listing:
1. Intro "She is a Dancer," Talk, 1:02, 27
2. Melanie's Rumba, Rumba, 3:38, 27
3. From Nicholas, Waltz, 2:47, 30
4. Tango con Fuerza, Tango, 2:24, 32
5. The Paris of My Dreams, V. Waltz, 1:29, 60
6. Love, Doreen, Foxtrot, 2:25, 29
7. I Know That We're in Love, Quickstep, 2:28, 52
8. Bailando el Cha Cha Chita, 3:02, 31
9. The Reunion, Samba, 2:51, 49
10. Life, Rumba, 3:08, 27
11. The Proud March, Paso Doble, 1:25, 58
12. Can't Find My Baby, Jive, 2:12, 44

Musica Caliente Volume IV is a 10-dance International CD dedicated to the Top U.S. Latin couple Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin--the 1995 National Latin Champions and the 1996 Ohio Star Ball Latin Champions. It features a special track of prose to Melanie, which is followed by the Rumba that Thomas Bevans wrote for her "Melanie's Rumba." She loves it! The other songs are Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble (Spanish Gypsy format), Jive, and a special Waltz with a feel for Theater Arts (as well as Standard). This last Waltz was used by Nick Kosavitch and Katrina Marks in a performance in Holland in November 1996. Just like the earlier CDs, Volume IV features the unique practice tracks for each dance. Each practice track has 10 seconds of silence followed by 90 seconds of music, with a fade at the end. Great for dancing your rounds!

One of the "Music Caliente" Series. Each CD contains original compositions plus custom-designed practice tracks. Musica Caliente 2 is International-Style tempo; Musica Caliente 3 features American-Style tempos. Musica Caliente 4 features "Melanie's Rumba," dedicated to Melanie LaPatin. All are guaranteed to get you on your feet from the first few measures!

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